What we do

Attacking cancer from both ends…

…by directly killing tumour cells combined with provoking an immune attack

We are a newly formed research-based company that strives to discover novel cancer therapies. Our goal is it to develop small-molecule based cancer therapies that limit tumour-autonomous growth and/or stimulate the immune system to attack the tumour.

On the tumour-autonomous side, we pursue a combination of epigenetic and other intracellular targets to limit cancer growth.

On the immune side, we target LXR, a well-known nuclear receptor, to reduce tumour- associated immunosuppressive myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). This empowers patient T-cells to actively attack the tumor. This approach should productively combine with existing T-cell enhancing checkpoint inhibitor therapies.

Finally, we have discovered a new approach to inhibit NF-kappa B dependent inflammation. We will exploit this novel promising mechanism in three areas:

  1. Limiting life-threatening, cytokine storms induced by COVID-19 and by other infections
  2. targeting NF-kappa B activity in inflammation dependent cancers, in particular in multiple myeloma
  3. treating chronic inflammatory disorders


Who we are

Dr. Michael Albers

Dr. Michael Albers

Head of Assays & Screening

Michael has received his PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Edinburgh, UK for the discovery and characterisation of two essential pre-mRNA splicing factors…

Yves Guillerment

Yves Guillermet

Chief Excutive Officer of WMT

Yves has more than 25 years experience in general management with increasing responsibilities in human resources, controlling and finance, project management and consulting…

Dr. George Reid

Director Drug Discovery Biology

George has more than 25 years experience in academic research as well as in applied drug discovery. He spent long years at the EMBL and as group leader at the IMB in Mainz…

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