Claus Kremoser

Dr. Claus Kremoser

Chairman of Supervisory Board

Claus has earned his degree in biochemistry from the University of Tübingen and performed his PhD work in the group of Friedrich Bonhoeffer at the Max-Planck-Institue for Developmental Biology.

He was crucially involved in LION bioscience´s IPO in 2000 raising a European record sum of 220 M Euros. Together with Thomas Hoffmann he co-founded Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG in 2002 which became a very succesful biotech company by closing two major asset sales to Janssen (2012) and Gilead (2014) with a total value of more than 600 million US $.

In summer 2020, Claus, together with eight experienced drug discovery scientists and Yves Guillermet from the business side cofounded WMT AG to continue his track record as a serial entrepreneur. Claus serves as the Chairman of the Board of WMT.