About WMT

We are a newly formed research-based company that strives for developing novel cancer therapies.

The founders of WMT have a long and successful history in drug discovery and have decided to now focus their endeavours on the crossroads of tumor and immune metabolism.

We pursue novel, unprecendeted targets that act as central switches in driving malignancy:

  • They represent central switches or „Achilles heels“ of Warburg metabolism, i.e. the specific form of cancer metabolism that occurs in large, late-stage solid tumors.
  • They have an impact on the activity state of the immune system, specifically of those immune cells within the tumor that do not mount or convey an effective immune attack against it. We will activate these immune cells so that they utilize their killing potential against the cancer.


We look for large scale funding. If you are an investor, contact us here.

We also look for talented individuals at all stages of their professional development from student interns up to senior scientists.
For our current job postings contact us here.